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Surfrider Spirit Sessions
902 Alder street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 Get Directions

Surfrider Spirit Sessions

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Organization Information
Surfrider Spirit Sessions
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Program Information
Program Also Called: 
Surf Mentor program
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We believe at-risk youth are “Champions in Training” and we are their coaches who support them, and cheer them on to succeed in life. We use surfing to connect teens to positive role models and help them make better life choices.  We combine Hawaiian culture, athletics, socialization, mentoring and environmental education to develop new skills, enhance self-esteem, and build pro-social behaviors. Spirit Sessions consists of 8 consecutive Saturdays (4 hours) conducted by staff and volunteer surf mentors at Waikiki beach. After surfing, the group assembles for free lunch to recognize their accomplishments, challenges and journal their experience. Stoked!

Funded By: 
private donations and grants
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Program Physical Address: 
902 Alder street
Honolulu, HI 96814
Program Postal Address: 
p.o. box 1677
Honolulu, HI 96734
Program Type: 
Private Non-Profit
Program Hours: 
Upcoming Session Dates are on Saturdays : (Spring Session) March 4th to April 22nd, (Summer Sessions) June 3rd-July 22nd, (Fall Session) Sept.9th to Oct.28th
There are no fee's because we are a fully funded and covered non-profit- we even give participants free lunch!
fully insured state referred program
Program Accessibility: 
Alternate Arrangements Possible
Program Transportation: 
Program is city bus convenient.
Rides are provided for emergencies.
Program does not provide transportation.
If you're between the ages of thirteen and seventeen you are eligible to take part in this program to have you feeling stoked
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