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Farrington Teen Center
Farrington High School, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 Get Directions
(808) 305-5178

Farrington Teen Center

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Program Information
Program Also Called: 
Teen Center
Program Phone: 
(808) 305-5178
Program Description: 

The Teen Center is a place where students, parents, teachers or anyone in the Farrington community can get help. It is part of the school's Counseling Department, and is currently staffed by two social workers.The staff provides individual counseling, support groups, peer mediation, a support program for LGBTQ youth (GSA), classroom presentations, consultation and other services. They also facilitate the Peace Council, in collaboration with Adult Friends for Youth.

Program Email: 
Alison_Colby/FARRINGTON/[email protected]
Additional Information: 
(808) 305-5179
Program Physical Address: 
Farrington High School
1564 N. King St.
Honolulu, HI 96817
Program Postal Address: 
Program Type: 
Government Agency or Organization
Program Accessibility: 
Alternate Arrangements Possible
Program Transportation: 
Program is city bus convenient.
Farrington High School students and families
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Organization Information
Farrington High School
Organization Phone: 
(808) 305-5178
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