Comprehensive Counseling & Support Services - Maui County
Maui Office Child & Family Service, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793 Get Directions
(808) 877-6888

Comprehensive Counseling & Support Services - Maui County

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Organization Information
Child & Family Service
Organization Phone: 
(808) 681-3500
Program Information
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Program Phone: 
(808) 877-6888
Program Description: 

The Comprehensive Counseling & Support Services (CCSS) program is a child abuse prevention and treatment program. The program provides a broad array of services to meet the needs of children and their families The goal is to help parents or caretakers, children at risk, foster families or reunited families live in a safe, permanent home.

(808) 877-6860
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Program Physical Address: 
Maui Office Child & Family Service
392 N. Market Street
Wailuku, HI 96793
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Private Non-Profit
There are no fees charged for this program.
Families are referred to the program by Department of Human Services social workers.
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